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Why Word of Mouth Marketing is so Important to Non-profits

And 7 Ways You Can Help PYTCo Grow

What is Word of Mouth Marketing?

Over the past several decades, the marketing industry has undergone a multitude of changes. There is, however, one aspect of marketing that has been part of its foundation since its inception: The power of word of mouth (WOM).

Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is a building block of marketing. Its power is rooted in the trust shared between people. More importantly, that trust most often leads to action.

A survey of more than 58,000 people by Forrester Research found that 70% of American consumers trusted brand recommendations from friends and family members. Conversely, only 10% trusted online ads.

Even in a world where the online ads that consumers see on their digital platforms have been highly curated and personalized just for them, WOMM remains one of the most powerful marketing tactics we use today.

Why do Non-profits Rely on WOMM?

As a nonprofit, WOMM is one of our truest, most trusted forms of marketing.

According to a paper in the Journal of Interactive Marketing, non-profits have a considerable advantage over for-profit businesses on social media – consumers find it far easier to endorse the former over the latter.

Imagine if you were to share our organization with everyone you knew. We would double our growth, donations, and interest in no time flat.

How Can You Help Your Favorite Non-profit?

According to the 2018 Chatter Matters Word of Mouth Report, which studies how people shop, buy and vote, 83% of Americans say that WOM recommendations from friends and family members make them likelier to purchase a product or service.

The same report found that 50% of Americans would choose word of mouth as their sole source of information.

This means that we need you to continue sharing our organization with your friends, family members, and colleagues!

It may seem small, but it makes all the difference, especially to a non-profit.

Recommend our upcoming events to friends, share our programs with your family members, invite your colleagues to learn more about the Sampson Theatre.

We’ve listed a few easy and FREE ways for you to spread the word of our organization:

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and engage with our posts by liking and commenting on them

  • Repost and share our content on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Write a short post, and tag us, on why you support our organization and why your followers should too

  • Invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to any of our upcoming in-person events

  • Write us a Google Review or send us a testimonial that we can use on our promotional materials

  • Sign up for our Monthly Newsletters and share them with your circle

  • Ask your friends, family members, and colleagues to do the same

We can all agree that an overwhelming majority of people trust their friends, family, and colleagues more than any other channel of traditional and digital marketing.

WOMM is one of the best and most effective ways for non-profits to increase their reach, further their mission, and increase donations.

As always, thank you for your continued support and engagement. This organization would not be here without you!


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