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Community Programs


Community Production

PYTCo‘s main season is in the summer with the staging of a major show. This show often utilizes the talent of a cast and crew of all ages.


The productions offer unique and affordable live shows to the Penn Yan public that is an experience not duplicated elsewhere in the local community.

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For a list of All Past Community Productions


Youth Theatre Camp

The PYTCo Youth Theatre was first formed in the summer of 2004 as the "21st Century Youth Theatre Experience" due, in part, to a grant received from 21st Century Real Estate.  Penn Yan youth were invited to attend the day-camp to learn about the basics of theatre and put on a small production. 


Each production since has grown in size and participation.  Early camps had around 25 students in attendance.  The camp currently has nearly 70 campers and 15 counselors each year.  Over the course of just 3 weeks this group puts together a full production with staging, choreography, lights, microphones, sets, costumes and more!


Theatre Academy

The PYTCo Theatre Academy is a teaching program for high school and college age individuals who are serious and enthusiastic about the theatre arts.


This program teaches students about all of the aspects of putting on a production from start to finish, with the audience as the final tool in teaching the actors.


Broadway Student Summit

Once a year, a group of PYTCo youth attend a weekend long conference for students interested in theatre. This conference includes eight to ten workshops, such as stage combat and actor stage craft.


The students attend a Broadway show and have the opportunity to attend a talk-back with some of the actors from that Broadway show.


Local Support

PYTCo adult volunteers assist with annual Penn Yan Elementary, Middle School, and Academy theatre productions in which many of the PYTCo youth perform.


This assistance includes every aspect of theatre, from lighting and technical design, to costumes, sets and prop construction.


Charlotte Grady Fitzpatrick Scholarship

This scholarship is given in memory of a former speech and drama teacher at Penn Yan Academy. PYTCo awards this scholarship to a graduating senior from Penn Yan Academy who has demonstrated interest and enthusiasm for the theatre arts over their high school years.


Rolling Sholarships

We love to support youth as much as we can. Our rolling scholarship application is to provide additional financial support to Penn Yan Theatre Company youth members participating in theatre eduction programs. 

Eligibility criteria include:

  • Money be used for theatre-specific programs

  • Application be received 60 days prior to the program

  • Applicant under 18 years old and has participated in PYTCo events

  • Responses to three application questions

  • A picture of the applicant

Download Application Here


Miss Penn Yan Pageant

PYTCo sponsors a candidate annually for the Miss Penn Yan pageant that is a part of the Star Shine in the Village Holiday Celebration.


Christmas Youth Theatre

This fundraising event is becoming a holiday tradition. 


It offers middle and elementary school-aged children the opportunity to perform in a Christmas musical production.  The actors participating in this production are predominantly students from the PYTCo Youth Theatre.


This is an additional opportunity for PYTCo youth to learn and practice their theatrical skills. 

PYTCo Youth History:

2022 - Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr.

2021 - Shrek: The Musical Jr.

2020 - Super Happy Awesome News

2019 - Disney's Frozen Jr.

2018 - The Rockin' Tale of Snow White

2017 - The Best of Both Worlds

2016 - Honk!, Jr.

2015 - My Son, Pinnochio, Jr.

2014 - Peter Pan, Jr.

2013 - The Wizard of Oz, Jr.

2012 - Disney's The Little Mermaid, Jr.

2011 - Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

2010 - Disney's Aladdin, Jr.

2009 - The Jungle Book, Jr.

2008 - Peter Pan, Jr.

2007 - 101 Dalmatians, Kids

2006 - Cinderella

2005 - Alice in Wonderland, Jr.

2004 - Coming of Age

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