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Sampson Theatre Market and Feasibility Highlights

With all of the recent work preparing for the Village of Penn Yan Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) Grant, we had to compile a lot of documentation. We provided the committee with all kinds of information about our business plan (current and future), renderings, letters of support and a full 70+ page market and feasibility study.

Our Market and Feasibility Study was conducted by Shepstone Management Company back in 2010. While now 9 years-old, it still provides us with valuable insight into how impactful an operational Sampson Theatre will be. Board member Paulina Garces-Reid, a local graphic artist and designer, offered her talents to create a visually appealing "snapshot" of the study. The results of her work can be found below.

Notable highlights include our broad target market. Within a 60 minute drive, we have a market of over 200,000 people that we could be serving that already spends over $8 million a year on entertainment services. Imagine the possibilities of tapping into this market and bringing that industry to Penn Yan. The multiplier effect on local businesses would be astounding!


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