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PYTCo and The Sampson Theatre

How PYTCo’s mission will live on through a revitalized Sampson Theatre

PYTCo’s mission since its conception has been to enhance the quality of life in our community by providing theater experiences and education to promote participation, appreciation, and understanding of the arts.

Our programming is free to participate in and provides theatre art instruction to children and adults of all ages in our community. One of our driving motives has been to provide affordable access to quality, live theatrical productions for all members of our rural community.

Because of our mission, in 2004, the Trombley family gifted PYTCo The Sampson Theatre. Since 2004, our team has been busy revitalizing The Sampson and slowly bringing it back to its glory. While our work is still not done yet, we have made strides in bringing awareness to our project and the potential and future of The Sampson Theatre.

One of our organization’s driving motives has been to provide affordable access to quality, live theatrical productions for all members of our rural community, and with The Sampson Theatre, we can continue to do just that.

Upon the full revitalization of the Sampson Theatre, PYTCo can further support drama clubs and youth programs in local schools and communities in the region and beyond. It will become a space that can be used for local theatre productions, rehearsals, educational programs, performances, and more. PYTCo has a long history of partnering with local schools to promote and present drama productions, and The Sampson Theatre will serve to enhance these partnerships.

It will also become a multi-use space for the entire community. Revitalization plans call for a brand-new space of classrooms and meeting spaces that other local organizations, committees, and businesses can take advantage of. The Sampson will also serve as a community cultural center and will provide the perfect site for conferences, seminars, community forums, trade shows, and more.

Not only will The Sampson ensure we have access to community-driven arts for generations, it will also provide a much-needed economic boost to our community through economic and workforce development.

Through The Sampson Theatre, PYTCo will provide training programs that provide existing and potential workers with various skills needed in the workforce. For example, PYTCo will provide the personnel needed to produce and direct every production as well as the experiential education needed to perform various tasks needed to run a theatre.

Once The Sampson is fully revitalized, it will provide a much-needed economic boost to the local economy. This will be realized through an increase in activity to local hospitality industries including restaurants, hotels and vacation rentals, even retail and service businesses, and much more.

PYTCo and the Sampson Theatre will provide workforce training, arts education, economic development, tourism, and historic renovation/preservation to Penn Yan and the Finger Lakes region. The Sampson Theatre will become the beating heart of Yates County – providing a cultural hub and ensuring we have access to community driven-arts for generations.

How can you help us? You can become an ambassador for PYTCo and the Sampson Theatre. We need your help now to revitalize the creative spirit of Yates County by helping us raise funds and awareness and make connections for our Sampson Theatre Capital Campaign. The curtain will be going back up at the Sampson Theatre and we want you to be a part of it.


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