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From Youngest to Oldest: An Interview with Two Actresses Returning to a Beloved Christmas Tradition

Hi! Our names are Kat Green and Fiona Marino and we are 7th graders at PYMS and longtime PYTCo youth performers. We are the two returning members of the 2018 production of Madeline’s Christmas. In that production we were both in 2nd grade and were the youngest performers in the show. This year we are the most senior performers and we thought we would share some of our thoughts with you!

Fiona Marino and Kat Green
Fiona Marino (left) and Kat Green, are returning performers to this December's production of "Madeline's Christmas".

What role did you have last time? This time?

Kat - In 2018 I played Camille, one of the littlest girls who really loved ice cream! This time I am playing Mrs Murphy, the slightly bewildered but cheerful cook.

Fiona - In 2018 I played little Ann and now I will be play Miss Clavel the nun who takes care of the little girls. What do you remember about looking up to the older kids/adult performers last time?

Kat - I remember feeling excited to be doing a show with older kids and I was really inspired by the older performers. I was excited for what I could become as an actor someday. Fiona - I was the smallest one in the cast of the girls and I was so confused but I had so much help with my blocking and lines.

How does it feel now being the older kids playing the adult roles?

Kat - It feels like I have come full circle and now there is a new group of little PYTCo kids that I hope I am inspiring. Fiona - I feel like I can come into rehearsal and help all the little girls. I am so impressed with how good they are doing with everything in this show.

How have you been able to help the younger kids? Kat - I help them learn and sing their parts in songs and I am often watching out for them to be sure they are in their places and ready to go. I will be helping them with makeup and costumes too.

Fiona - I love listening to them sing and how they follow after Kat and I in the whole group songs.

What advice to you past selves would you give knowing what you've learned in the past five years?

Kat - I would tell myself that it isn’t always easy and sometimes it is frustrating to learn new things but keep going! Theater is so much fun! Embrace your awkwardness and give yourself some pats on the back for doing great things. You will be part of a crazy, fun, theater family and make so many friends and learn super cool things. And believe it or not someday you will get to have the lead roles too!

Fiona - I would tell myself to have as much fun and enjoy the experience cause one day you will have to do a lot more than a few lines.

Both Fiona and Kat have transformed and grown as performers and leaders since the 2018 production.

What is your favorite song or scene in the show? Kat - My favorite songs are We Are Flying and Bon Annee (my mom says it is still stuck in her head from 2018!) and my favorite scene is when I come in complaining about shoveling snow.

Fiona - My favorite song might be Joy of the Season because I love the harmonies and the way all of the girls' voices sound together. 5 years ago I would have said my favorite song was the finale.

Do you have a word of advice for the younger performers as they continue to age/grow as performers?

Kat - I would tell the new kids entering PYTCo to keep going and learning and you will get to make tons of friends and memories. I always loved that I got to work with kids older and younger than me because it feels like a family and I knew we would take care of each other. So I would say “Welcome to our crazy family!”

Fiona - I would tell them to work hard now because it will all pay off and one day you will get to have center stage and be a lead! I think that acting and singing can change your life because you can become so many different people and characters that will always be different and challenge you to move outside your comfort zone.

Thank you to Mrs. Knapton, Mrs. DeRue and Mrs Hassos for putting in all the work it takes to put together a show. We appreciate you all and we are so excited to see how the show turns out! Come see us December 8th and 9th at 7:30pm at the Wellspring Church to kick off your holiday season!

~ Fiona and Kat

Madeline's Christmas goes on stage at Wellspring Fellowship December 8 & 9 at 7:30 PM. Come see Fiona and Kat perform along with their cast-mates in what should be a magical performance. Seats for Madeline’s Christmas are limited due to the capacity of Wellspring Fellowship. Advanced ticket sales are recommended and available at, and will also be available at the door. Adult tickets are $10 and student/seniors are $8. Wellspring Fellowship is located at 465 N Main Street, Penn Yan.


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