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Youth Camp: A Visitor's Perspective

Our third and final camper to share their perspective is Kathryn Daily. Kathryn discovered us last year while visiting her grandparents. We are so excited she returned to join us again this year. Her perspective is quite unique on our program. She writes:

My name is Kathryn and I live in Maryland. My grandparents live in Penn Yan and I found and joined PYTCo last summer while I was visiting them.

I am part of a kids' theater company in Maryland too and it's been interesting to see the differences between the two companies.

Kathryn Daily plays Violet Beauregarde in WIlly Wonka Jr July 28-30.

The theater company I am part of in Maryland is fun, but pretty competitive, so it's very stressful to audition and the rehearsals (if you even get into the show) are hard core.

I really enjoy being a part of PYTCo in the summertime because it is just really fun! Everyone (the counselors, adults, volunteers and kids) are so nice and it's okay if you mess up your lines a few times. I can just have fun and not worry and stress about putting on an absolutely perfect show - because this show doesn't have to be perfect! The cast is a bunch of kids and the adults in PYTCo realize that - so fun is the main priority!

Thanks, Kathryn for your wonderful words about our program. You can see Kathryn this weekend as she plays the role of Violet Beauregarde in WIlly Wonka Jr, July 28-30. Visit our Shows & Tickets page to get your tickets now.


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