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Youth Board Member Begins College Early

Recently, PYTCo Youth Board Member Izzy Hinkal decided she was ready to take on a new challenge. While preparing for her senior year at Penn Yan Academy, Izzy discovered The Clarkson School. Intrigued, she looked into it more and decided to apply for enrollment.

The Clarkson School is a hands-on early college program. Designed for those ready for college, it's a one-year residential program where students complete their senior year of high school on Clarkson University's campus. Students are pushed further by taking the same classes as other first-year Clarkson students, while finishing their high school program. When finished, students have a running start toward earning a bachelor's degree.

Youth board members at their National Honor Society induction.

When asked about what led her to this decision, Izzy stated, "I chose this program because it gave me the opportunity to be able to experience different cultures, religions and people from all corners of the world. Being able to leave high school at a younger age has really shown me how the world is and how everyone is really impacted by others lives." She adds, "This program lets me finish my high school senior year and my freshman year of college a year early. It allows me to experience more and follow my passion faster and get real life experience."

Izzy played the role of Elsa in the PYTCo Youth Production. of "Disney's Frozen Jr" in July 2019.

Izzy has been an active member of PYTCo for nearly a decade through our youth programming. She joined the board of directors two and a half years ago as a youth representative. When Board President Dusty Baker heard about Izzy's acceptance, he mentioned she may be pressed to continue to fill board member responsibilities. Izzy reassured him by stating, "I can do work remotely and happily face time into meetings, Mr. B.!"

We could not be more proud of Izzy for setting goals, challenging herself and working to achieve them. Izzy is a shining example of some of the amazing thing youth that go through our program can do!

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