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The Importance of Supporting Local Art and Entertainment

Art and entertainment are an integral part of our local communities.

There are many reasons to support local art and entertainment in your community. Whether it means finding something enjoyable to do this weekend or a long-term commitment that supports the community, the arts community is woven into the very fabric of every small town and major city.

See why you should support local art and entertainment in your community.

New Experiences

How many times have you sat at home looking for something interesting to do? Looking for something completely different than your normal daily hobbies or nightly activities? It’s probably happened more times than you care to admit. Human beings are social creatures, and we like to get out, meet with friends, and explore new experiences.

When you support local art and entertainment, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to see and hear exciting performances from local artists, comedians, and more who love what they do.

Upon the revitalization of The Sampson Theatre, we hope to increase the number of local productions, shows, and events in our local community. Our hope is to make local art and entertainment as accessible as possible to everyone and to future generations as well.

If you're curious about our work to revitalize The Sampson Theatre, we encourage you to sign up for our monthly newsletters here: or to follow us along on social media: Facebook and Instagram.

Enriches the Community

Taking an active role in supporting your local arts is a great way to enrich the community.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to travel out of town to see quality entertainment, then look to your local community. When organizers, small businesses, and organizations see people wanting to come out and attend local entertainment, they are more inclined to plan regular events and even bigger productions.

This is one of the many reasons we have chosen to revitalize The Sampson Theatre. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life in our community through art, entertainment, and education. The Sampson Theatre will be able to help us reach that mission and beyond. By revitalizing a historic theatre, we can bring even more local events back to our community.

Along with an increase in local events, The Sampson Theatre will also serve to enrich the local community by further increasing workforce development and bringing new jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities to the area.

Inspires Younger Generations

Regardless of individual ideas or perspectives on life, most people can agree that they want to make a difference for others and help the next generation. This comes in all areas of life, and art and entertainment are no exception. By supporting your local arts, you’re helping to keep alive the community that will inspire younger generations of artists, performers, and creatives.

At PYTCo, this means hosting productions and camps for artists of all ages, providing free resources and education for children, and providing quality programming in nearby schools. Upon the revitalization of The Sampson, our services will be able to expand beyond what we already offer!

There is no one way to support local art and entertainment, but you can find what works for you since there are so many. At PYTCo, we work together with as many organizations, businesses, and schools to further enhance art and entertainment in our local community.

If you’re interested in getting involved, please reach out to us today by emailing


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