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Sampson Doors Returned to their Glory

On February 1, 2019, the entry doors to the Sampson Theatre were returned to their glory. For the past two years, the PYTCo Board of Directors has been hard at work applying for grant money and fundraising to launch their "Open the Doors" campaign. After all of this hard work, the results have paid off with beautiful, new, mahogany doors that match the original doors from 1910.

The efforts were headed up by Sampson Advisory Committee member Dean Knapton, local resident, PYTCo member and Sampson Historian. Knapton, along with Richard Osgood, Jr. of Bero Architecture, worked with Rochester Colonial to design these historical doors. It is the PYTCo Board's hopes that these doors will be a catalyst to more changes in the near future for the Sampson Theatre.

New Sampson Theatre Doors
The new Sampson Theatre doors installation was completed on February 1, 2019.


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